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MVO beleid

Onderdeel van onze maatschappelijke verantwoordelijkheid (MVO) is Profound erop gericht verantwoord te ondernemen en doet er alles aan om sociale en milieukwesties aan te pakken. Deze visie wordt door Profound op strategisch en operationeel niveau ingevuld en in praktijk gebracht.

Environment, Health and Safety Policy

We know that the most important thing we can do to reduce our impact on the environment is to invest in design, improve our existing products and use environmentally responsible manufacturing processes.

For this reason we design our products to be as energy efficient as possible, to use a minimum amount of materials, durable materials and toxic free electronic components and on the other hand making them longer-lasting products. This is part of our environmental focus and corporate social responsibility (CSR) Profound is striving to further reduce its carbon food print.

Product design and manufacturing

Within the last few years Profound has innovated in developing greener products by reducing toxic substances and more and more sustainable energy sources.

Electronic circuit boards and related components contain a minimum of toxic substances. Hardware changes resulted in 100% lead free soldering process combined with the use of environmental friendly fluxes that are soluble in water.

Older product units have been replaced by thin unibody enclosures made out of recyclable durable aluminium.

Furthermore we can proudly mention that recently launched products are containing high efficient solar panels and/or rechargeable batteries to further reduce the use of batteries and other environmentally unfriendly resources.

Transportation and Packaging

Our products are being shipped worldwide to our customers in 100% recycled cardboard boxes. To minimise the use of plastics we make use of the protective cardboard inserts. We do everything possible to minimize our packaging to avoid oversized parcels.

Facilities and Recycling

Within our office we limit printing to a minimum and if necessary to be printed, documents are printed as much as possible double-faced on recycled paper.

Furthermore, we separate incoming packing materials like plastics, paper and empty batteries from our products. These main streams of waste are being collected on regular bases by specialized companies and recycled in a responsible and environmental way.

Health and Safety Policy

Providing employees a safe and healthy working environment is one of our priorities. We aim to create safe and healthy working conditions for all our employees and also expect this from our suppliers.

Responsibility, social and ethical conduct

Profound strongly believes in responsible social and ethical conduct and is committed to achieve a balance in terms of interests of the various stakeholders. Good entrepreneurship, integrity, openness and transparency of decision of the management, and proper supervision are the principles of our company policy. Furthermore Profound wishes to deal carefully with social issues.

This also applies to our external distributors and suppliers, we expect that they meet the requirements set by Profound.