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Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring

Profound VIBRA4-series, the smartest vibration monitors in the world

Combine a sensitive 3D sensor with a compact watertight unit, include high-performance processing, and the result will be unmatched performance in monitoring vibrations.

Pile driving, construction, road or rail traffic, demolition work and blasting can create vibration nuisance or cause damage to buildings and sensitive equipment. These vibrations are instantly measured, saved and displayed with a system of the Profound VIBRA-series.

The new IP65 watertight robust housing system is lightweight and easy portable. With the integrated 4G modem including fall back options online connection and data visualisation has never been so convenient.

With the Remote Settings function on vibramonitoring.com you can change a number of measurement settings in a VIBRA+ that is monitoring in the field.


The Profound VIBRA-series comprises the VIBRA and the VIBRA+. Depending on the chosen version of the VIBRA, the system is of national and international standards, such as the DIN 4150 and the DIN 45669. With the Profound VIBRA vibrations are measured reliably in accordance with these guidelines and also determines the dominant frequency in accordance with the advanced FFT-method.

The top model, the VIBRA+, is equipped with a PC Trace Recorder, frequency and building category dependent alarms according the codes and it is possible to set velocity, acceleration and displacement alarm. With a VIBRA+ you can view the measurement values for vibrations in buildings as well as for the effects on persons simultaneously on the display. The VIBRA+ also determines and displays real time KB-values. The different characteristics are summarized in the “features overview” in our datasheets.

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Key advantages

  • Continuous and online vibration monitoring according to a large range of standards such as DIN 4150-2 and -3, BS 5228-2, BS 7385-2, SBR A and B, SS 460 48 61, blasting standards SS 460 48 66 and AS 2187.2 and is according to DIN 45669-1:2020.
  • Direct display of measured peak values in X, Y, Z at the project location
  • Real-time interpretation and verification of the vibration levels against ruling codes
  • Downloading data or uploading data without measurement interruption
  • Unattended vibration measuring for up to 28 days due to the high-tech, low power consumption electronic design in combination with software intelligence. System can also be connected to the mains
  • Option: extended range up to 315 Hz
  • Wireless automatic data transfer via integrated modem
  • Flexible use: direct SMS alarm, e-mail or FTP
  • Real-time data upload to any FTP server or vibramonitoring.com
  • Ring memory including ring buffer in server mode
  • Direct SMS alarm communication
  • Frequency-dependent velocity alarm (smart alarm)
  • ‘Search Networks’ option in the VIBRA system. Find the provider with the best GPRS connection at the project location
  • Compact, robust field-computer that is very easy to operate
  • Continuous PC Trace Recorder: full measurement signal
  • Professional and fast (graphical) presentation of the monitoring results.

Features depending on the chosen VIBRA model


Setting up the system on site is easy: attach the 3-dimensional sensor to the structure to be monitored, switch on the system and start measuring. During measuring the VIBRA displays the current vibration values of the 3 directions including frequency, the maxima, besides date, time, remaining battery capacity, available memory.

The VIBRA can be left unattended to operate continuously for weeks.
The system is robust, lightweight, portable and battery-operated. At the same time, the system provides a fully continuous and automatic registration of the vibration peak values up to a month.

Data handling

Real-time monitoring and analysis
The VIBRA+ can be set up for wireless automatic data transfer via the integrated 4G modem including multiple fallback options to your PC. Data can also be continuously uploaded to any FTP server for real-time online monitoring. As an alternative Profound offers a turnkey online monitoring service via www.vibramonitoring.eu.

The VIBRA can also be connected to your PC via USB for data retrieval, even while measuring. With the PC software supplied together with the system, data are directly presented in graphs for detailed reporting. You also simply export data to a csv-file. With the PC Remote Control software it is possible to log in remotely to your VIBRA system.


With a Profound VIBRA+ system, vibrations that are caused by traffic, pile driving, demolition work or blasting can be monitored continually and accurately. By recording the vibrations you can assess the risk of damage to buildings and sensitive equipment as well as the nuisance to people in an objective manner in accordance with the applicable guidelines


You or your colleagues have been working for some time with a vibration monitoring system of the VIBRA-series, but regulations and guidelines are adapted and the materials are developing continuously. Especially for users of the VIBRA or VIBRA+ system we have developed the refresher course “Vibration Monitoring & Analysis in accordance with vibration monitoring codes”.

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