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Geotechnical Monitoring

Geotechnical Monitoring

The Profound Intelligent Sensor-system is an effective tool for precision monitoring in the geotechnical field. Real-time measuring data on your PC enable you to monitor your project remotely. For over 25 years the unique and reliable Profound IS-system and more specifically the IS-Liquid Levelling System has been successfully used in a great number of monitoring projects worldwide.

The IS-system combines advanced network technology with existing, economical techniques. Other advantages are the fast, simple installation, the digital administration, and the minimal time and effort necessary to frequently read so many sensors.

Key advantages

  • High accuracy: 24 bit A/D conversion, full digital transmission
  • Flexible: up to 25 different measuring points in 1 network
  • Cost-effective:
    – Fast simple installation
    – Minimal time and effort to frequently read-out these sensors
    – Easy to repair and to extend (4-wire, colour coded cable)
    – All vital calibration data in the sensor
  • Real-time remote project monitoring
  • Intelligent Sensor Technology

Depending on the project requirements, an IS-system is a fully digital network of Intelligent Sensors, connected either to an IS-module or with battery holder (stand-alone option).

Just one network cable interconnects the ‘Intelligent Sensors’, whereby the distance between measurement points can in total be up to 500 meters.

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new Intelligent Sensor Module

Profound introduces the latest Intelligent Sensor data logger: the IS-module. The IS-module is a compact but versatile logger with integrated 4G modem for data transmission. Connect different sensors, like a load cell, pore pressure and liquid level sensors to our new IS-module and transmit sensor data to anywhere in the world.

The advanced power management with rechargeable batteries and solar panel ensures that the logger can provide a complete sensor network with long-lasting power without an external power source. The module is easy to configure and to install in the field.

In line with the ongoing technological developments, the newly developed IS-module is has been completely renewed including the following features:

  • Watertight robust housing
  • Integrated 4G modem with fall-back options to other networks
  • Advanced antenna geometry for a superior signal receipt
  • Online data upload or e-mail of measurement data of your choice
  • Advanced power management with integrated batteries and efficient solar panel
  • Mounting bracket allows placing the unit in multiple ways
  • Large ring memory


With the fully digital IS-module in combination with the IS-field unit you can directly set-up a geotechnical monitoring network for up to ten measuring points in the field. The IS-module is the network power supply, data logger, transmitter and provides a data backup.

The IS-module is powered by a Lithium battery and a built-in solar panel. The energy harvesting via the integrated solar panel ensures optimum use of the available power. The combination of both battery and solar panel enable the IS-module to efficiently operate in the field. The module can also be permanently connected to the mains, then the internal battery works as a UPS.

Data handling

Using a wireless, built-in internet connection the IS-module directly uploads to an FTP server or sends the measurement data at a preset interval via email to a pc for further processing. Thus providing an excellent opportunity to monitor the project remotely.

You can quickly and easily process, export or graphically display the measurement results on a Windows PC, and you can customise the IS-system to your own needs.


Typical applications include monitoring of settlements and pore pressures, as well as load monitoring and strain measurements.

Different types of measurements can easily be combined in one network, as each sensor (e.g. load, strain, or pressure sensor) has been equipped with the ‘Intelligent Sensor’ (IS) technology.