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Online Vibramonitoring

Online monitoring

Measurement data directly displayed in graphs including zoom and overview options, that is what the turnkey online monitoring service vibramonitoring.com has to offer.

With vibramonitoring.com you can easily manage your projects online and present the results to your clients.

If selected, the VIBRA transmits data and system status information directly to vibramonitoring.com via the integrated 4G modem with fall-back options to other networks. You can login at any suitable time to view the transmitted measurement data and status of your VIBRA online.

After your subscription to our vibramonitoring.com service you will receive the login credentials related to a supervisor account. With this account you are able to create additional user and guest accounts for people who need access to specific online projects.


  • Online monitoring via FTP
  • Graphical online presentation of all important parameters against time
  • Graphical online display of velocity versus frequency
  • Creating graphs which can be used for reporting (pdf-, png-, svg-format)
  • Online access to status information of your VIBRA+ such as battery level, GPRS signal strength
  • Possibility to create new projects and guest accounts for sharing vibration monitoring information to your clients online
  • Configuration of the systems for vibramonitoring.com is fully incorporated in the VIBRA PC software for a quick and secure activation.


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