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Groundwater Monitoring

Groundwater Monitoring

Pore pressures have a strong influence on the soil behaviour, whereby small changes can have considerable consequences, especially in soils with low permeability. With the BAT®-groundwater monitoring system you can frequently and reliably monitor the pore pressure particularly in low permeable soils.

The BAT-system enables both direct read-out of pore pressures as well as the option to accurately track fluctuations in the pore pressure remotely. With an additional permeability set the BAT-system offers the extra possibility to determine the permeability of the soil and/or to collect accurate groundwater samples.

The patented BAT – Groundwater Monitoring System represents an innovative and proven technology for groundwater monitoring and testing. For over 30 years the BAT-system has been successfully used in a great number of groundwater monitoring projects worldwide.


The BAT-system consists of a filter tip and a sensor. It is easy to install the filter tip since the tip neither contains any sensitive elements nor is connected to an electrical cable or tubing during installation. The filter tip is connected to an extension pipe, for example a standard one-inch gas pipe, and pushed down to the desired installation depth.

Next the BAT-sensor is lowered down the pipe. As soon as the sensor connects with the filter tip, the pore pressure measurements will start. Due to the quick connect system, function control of both the BAT-sensor and the BAT-filter tip can be made at any time. After finishing the measurements the sensor can be retrieved easily and used again at another site.

The BAT-sensor without BAT-filter tip can also be used in standpipes, which add extra flexibility to the system.

Depending on the project requirements the BAT-system can be installed in different set-ups, such as single, clustered and part of a large monitoring network.

Data handling

A single BAT-sensor can be equipped with a battery holder and allows for the storage of measurement data for a period up to 8 months. Used as a single data logger in the field, the BAT-system is programmed with a robust hand-held IS-field unit to start measurements and later on to download the data.

You can integrate the BAT-system in a digital Profound IS-network, which allows remote monitoring of the project’s progress. One up to ten BAT-sensors can be combined with an ISIS-module. This internet solar module is a fully digital unit offering you the possibility to monitor remotely and/or directly in the field. With the ISIS-module in combination with the IS-field unit you can directly display a measurement in the field or set, log and download measurements. The ISIS-module is a combined power supply, data logger, GPRS modem and provides a data backup.


With the BAT®-system you:

  • measure accurately and efficiently the pore pressure
  • keep track of pressure fluctuations in the soil
  • designed for remote monitoring or direct read-out of measurement data in engineering units
  • determine the permeability of the soil (with an additional set)
  • collect accurate groundwater samples (with an additional set)