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DIN/SBR geophone mounting plate

As an alternative to the tripod, Profound has developed a stainless steel mounting plate that can be placed on a floor with or without a soft top layer.

The mounting plate is delivered in a small case and has three spikes that can be used in two positions: with the pointed side down (when used on a soft layer) or with the round side down (on hard floors).

Main characteristics

  • The mounting plate fully complies with DIN 45669-2 (June 2005) and SBR – part A, attachment 3 and part B, attachment 4
  • No extra tools are required for mounting the VIBRA geophone: the spanner, delivered with the VIBRA, is sufficient
  • The mounting plate has been made of high quality materials: RSV-316 in combination with nickel-plated steel
  • Multi-functional: the DIN/SBR mounting plate can be placed on floors with or without a soft top layer
  • Hardened spikes of the plate ensure a longer life
  • Spikes are protected by the mounting plate during transportation
  • The VIBRA geophone can be horizontally positioned with the Profound VIBRA ball joint
  • Mounting plate is not magnetic because of the high quality stainless steel material

Brochure VIBRA-series (UK) (pdf)
Brochure VIBRA-series (NL) (pdf)

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DIN/SBR geophone mounting plate


VIBRA wireless alarm beacon

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