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Wave Equation Program

TNOWAVE represents a group of wave equation application programs and is a powerful simulation tool to predict pile behaviour. The TNOWAVE applications are suitable for simulating pile-soil interaction under dynamic conditions.

TNOWAVE is based on the one dimensional stress wave theory and allows the modelling of:
- All types of vibratory and impact hammers with anvils and cushions
- Piles with cross sectional variations and cracks
- Tubular steel piles, open ended or closed
- Shaft friction and toe resistance

TNOWAVE applications
TNOWAVE has the following application modules:
- PDPWAVE for impact hammer and vibratory hammer driveability studies
- SITWAVE to determine local pile defects from sonic integrity testing signals by signal matching
- DLTWAVE to determine pile bearing capacity from a dynamic load test by signal matching

DLTWAVE result
DLTWAVE result

Downloads Brochure TNOWAVE (UK)
Technical specifications DLTWAVE (UK)
Technical specifications PDPWAVE (UK)
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