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Prediction of Pile Driving with Impact Hammers or Vibratory Hammers

PDPWAVE (PDP=Pile Driving Prediction) is a powerful program to perform driveability studies. For Impact Hammers it predicts the blow count, related pile stresses, dynamic and static soil resistances, driving time, hammer performance and the relation between blow count and bearing capacity.

For Vibratory Hammers it predicts the pile penetration speed, stresses, dynamic soil resistances and driving time. PDPWAVE is one of the applications of the Wave Equation program TNOWAVE.

The purpose of PDPWAVE
In preparing for a pile-driving set-up the optimal combination between hammer and pile (including if applicable impact block, anvil, cushions, etc.) has to be determined in order to optimize the efficiency of the pile driving process and to prevent damage and/or refusal. Also, precautions must be taken to avoid damage to the piles as a result of unexpected compression or tensile stresses exceeding the pile material strength.

PDPWAVE can be used for professional driveability studies to determine this optimal combination and required precautions. With the results of PDPWAVE the piling engineer can:
- Predict driveability
- Optimize the selection of the Impact Hammer or Vibratory Hammer
- Select the maximum energy level without damaging the pile
- Increase the efficiency of the pile-driving set-up
- Optimize the energy transfer and, if applicable, the cushion and pile adapters section

PDPWAVE applications
The PDPWAVE software can be purchased separately or in combination with the PDA/DLT-system available from Profound


Brochure TNOWAVE (UK)
Technical specifications PDPWAVE (UK)

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