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"Comparison of Statnamic Load Test and Static Load Tests at the Rotterdam Harbour"
Authors: J.G. de Gijt, Public Works Rotterdam (Ingenieursbureau Gemeentewerken Rotterdam), The Netherlands
J.H. van Dalen, Public Works Rotterdam, (Ingenieursbureau Gemeentewerken Rotterdam), The Netherlands
P. Middendorp, Profound BV, The Netherlands

Published in:

1st International Statnamic Seminar, Vancouver, 1995
Abstract: An extensive pile test program has been conducted on precast concrete piles and steel piles at the Rotterdam Harbour. The goal of the research project was to prove that higher limit values for toe and shaft resistance could be applied than prescribed in a new Dutch code. An additional goal was the comparison of static and dynamic piles tests. Static load tests (SLT), Statnamic load tests (STN) and dynamic load tests (DLT) have been performed. Soil investigation data and pile design will be discussed. The paper extensively describes the comparison between  load-settlement behaviour for STN and SLT.
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