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"Pile Integrity Testing Developments"


Mr. A.J.G. Schellingerhout, Profound BV
Mrs. A.J. van Rietschoten-Rietveld, Profound BV
Proceedings of:

15th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ECSMGE), Athens, Greece, September 2011
Abstract: Low strain integrity testing is a widely used method for the quality control of concrete piles. The detection of pile defects with this method strongly depends on the length of the generated stress wave. However, when the stress wave is too short the wave propagation will be a three dimensional wave propagation which is conflicting with the standard signal interpretation method that is based on the one dimensional wave theory.

This paper gives an overview of a number of three dimensional effects and proposes two parameters to determine the validity of the interpretation method based on the one dimensional wave theory. Based on this, analysis guidelines can be derived for the optimized use of hammers in order to stay in the realm of the standard low strain integrity testing interpretation method.
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