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"The Reliability of DLTWAVE"
Authors: P. Middendorp, Profound BV
G. Verbeek, VMS-Profound

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Whenever Profound enters a new market with its products there are two questions that are invariably posed: what is Profound and more importantly how do you know that their testing
equipment works. In this article we will address these two questions, albeit that the second question is only answered for DLTWAVE, the signal matching software used to evaluate the
dynamic load results tests for foundation piles.

The response regarding DLTWAVE is solely based on papers that were presented at international conferences without Profound’s support or input, because we felt that this approach would be
more effective than to present our own test data, and it consists of two parts. The first part is a comparison with the
outcome of Static Load Tests, the traditional way of pile testing. The second part is a comparison with the only other software widely used for this purpose, CAPWAP. We trust that by
presenting these data the two questions are answered conclusively and that based on these answers DLTWAVE is
considered a reliable tool to analyze the results of dynamic load tests.

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