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"Statnamic Simulation"
Authors: M.W. Bielefeld, TNO Building and Construction Research
P. Middendorp, Profound BV

Published in:

1st International Statnamic Seminar, Vancouver, 1995
Abstract: Simulation of Statnamic test before the test is performed is a useful tool in determining a number of important parameters of the Statnamic test; what is the amount of propellant to be used, the height setting of the vent, the weight of the reaction mass, etc. In this paper the Statnamic simulation program, based on the TNOWAVE package, is presented including cases. From the results it can be concluded that simulation with the TNOWAVE package is a powerful tool in preparing a Statnamic test, in interpretation and post-analysis of test results. The package can also be the basis of analytical studies to several phenomena of the Statnamic test.
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