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"Case History of Cyclic Statnamic Testing in the Netherlands"
Authors: P. Middendorp, Profound BV
R.J. van Foeken, TNO Building and Construction Research

Published in:

2nd International Statnamic Seminar, Tokyo, 1998
Abstract: The Dutch company Jacbo has applied a new type of auger pile, the Jac-O pile, in the Netherlands. The Jac-O pile is based on an auger system that pushes most of the soil away (50 to 70%) instead of removing the soil. The Dutch Geotechnical Code only considers piles with soil removal and piles without soil removal, so standard design rules were not applicable. To allow the application of the Jac-O pile, a control method based on CPT testing was introduced. CPT tests performed before pile installation were compared with CPT tests performed after pile installation. On the Arnhem site, the CPT results before and after pile installation showed reduction in cone resistance values. The bearing capacity of the piles was checked by Statnamic cyclic load testing.
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